Solving complex cybersecurity problems takes a fundamental understanding of how specific technologies work. Our experts specialize in breaking things, discovering vulnerabilities, and demonstrating impact.

Application Security

Providing code review on Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. Cryptography design and implementation. Vulnerability assessment in applications and infrastructure. Standard and custom fuzzing/protocol replication.

Software Testing

Development of Cyber/Test Range capabilities, installation and operations. Implementation of secure software development best practices and training, as well as automated test frameworks.

Commercial Software

Simulating threat-based approaches to expose and exploit vulnerabilities in commerical software.

Tailored Software

Development of custom sensors that can integrate with existing platforms to improve situational awareness.

Consulting & Training

Principals develop, lead, and instruct training courses through corporate partnerships in the information security industry. On-site classes ranging from hardware and software exploitation for both practitioners to security essentials for Board of Directors.

Embedded Security

Development, reverse engineering, and vulnerability research (VR) in embedded devices and systems in automobiles, aircraft, and industrial control systems (e.g., Control Software, HMI's, PLCs, Advanced Metering Infrastructure)

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