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Adam Nichols, Principal: Software Application Security

Adam leads the Software Application Security division at Grimm. For years Adam has been discovering and exploiting vulnerabilities in applications, embedded systems, and web/ networks, as well as developing key exploitation technologies. He designs and writes scripts in various languages (Python, BASH, batch, etc.) to automate research, develops kernel modules, and uses machine learning to create solutions to complex problems. In the past, Adam has run the oCTF Defcon contest (for 5 years), developed and ran experimental communication software on Defcon network, co-developed algorithm to maximize Twitter data, developed a wireless security tool to automate auditing WEP encrypted WIFI access points, researched cryptographic algorithms that implemented a sieve to generate all 32-bit primes in less than 5 minutes (scaled to run on supercomputers (e.g. Cray)), developed a program to automatically decrypt monographic substitution, and implemented code to recover small (256-bit) RSA private keys. Adam is an active presenter at multiple security conferences including Defcon.